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Zubair al-Muhajir is quoted as saying that the group uses the Islamic law Sharia as a tool to lie to people.

92彩票网平台"I defected because al-Shabab, they are lying to the Muslims and to the world,” he said. “They are claiming to implement the Sharia [Islamic law] which is not true because I know from incidents where they went against the Sharia.

92彩票网平台"The reality of their actions is totally against their Sharia - they are killing innocent people and they are lying to the people,” he is quoted as saying.

92彩票网平台VOA reports that Mr al-Muhajir is originally from Ivory Coast and travelled from London to join the group in 2006.

The broadcaster adds that he rose through the ranks to become a member of al-Shabab’s Shura Council of religious scholars.

He is quoted as saying that he was detained by al-Shabab after a 2011 dispute in which he was a mediator went wrong.

VOA adds that he also had a dispute with al-Shabab about paying a donation known under Islamic law as Zakat and then defected in October 2019.

He is reportedly in a government safe house now waiting to see how the Somali government will rehabilitate him.

92彩票网平台on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, confirmed that he was considering adding some countries to the travel ban list but declined to name them.

92彩票网平台The list is not final and could be changed,.

The ban will not be a blanket one for all the listed countries but will be on specific types of visas, such as business or visitor visas.

The list is still being debated but the final announcement could be made next week, media reports said.

In September 2017, President Trump issued a travel ban prohibiting most people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen from entering the US.

92彩票网平台The ban was challenged in court but a Supreme Court ruling in June 2018 upheld it.

'At least 15 people dead as boat capsizes in DR Congo'

At least 15 people died after a boat capsized in a lake in western Democratic Republic of Congo, the AFP news agency reports, quoting a local mayor.

More people are missing from the Monday accident in Lake Mai-Ndombe, the Mayor of Inongo, Cosmos Mboo Wemba, is quoted as saying.

The cause of the accident is not yet known.

92彩票网平台The vessel was carrying around 30 people who were returning from a funeral 35 kilometres (20 miles) away, journalist Firoger Balimba is quoted by AFP as saying.

In May 2019, at least 45 people died in the lake92彩票网平台 after a boat that was carrying more than 400 people sank.

92彩票网平台The majority of those on board were teachers going to collect their salaries.

Boat accidents are frequent in DR Congo because of overloading and poor maintenance.

Buhari condemns killing of Christian cleric

92彩票网平台Mayeni Jones

92彩票网平台BBC News, Lagos

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Buhari said the kidnappers had shown willingness to release Reverend Andimi

President Muhammadu Buhari has condemned the killing of a Christian leader in northern Nigeria.

Reverend Lawan Andimi was abducted by gunmen believed to be Islamist militants in early January.

92彩票网平台In a statement, the Nigerian president described the killing of Reverend Andimi as deliberately provocative.

He also revealed that the kidnappers had shown signs they might free the victim, by releasing him to third parties.

92彩票网平台It’s unclear who these parties were.

The rights group Amnesty International also condemned the act, calling on authorities to do more to rescue those abducted by Boko Haram.

The killing of Reverend Andimi is the latest attack by Islamist militants in the region targeting Christians.

In December, jihadists aligned to the Islamic State group released a video claiming to show the execution of 11 Christians in north-east Nigeria.

Militants kill 36 people in Burkina Faso attack

92彩票网平台BBC World Service

The government in Burkina Faso says 36 people have been killed in a terrorist attack in the central-northern province of Sanmatenga.

92彩票网平台It said an armed group killed 32 people in a market in the village of Nagraogo on Monday evening, and then attacked four other villagers near Alamou.

It's not clear who carried out the assaults, but Burkina Faso has seen increasing number of deadly attacks by Islamist militants.

Earlier on Tuesday the country's parliament voted to create a civilian volunteer force92彩票网平台 to fight militant groups.

Local media reported that the volunteers would be given 14 days of initial military training.

How a conservationist tried to protect Congo's rainforest during the country's civil war
How a conservationist tried to protect Congo's rainforest during the country's civil war
or checking the .

A reminder of Tuesday's proverb:

Ears are a sea."

A Kalenjin proverb sent by Bartai Araap, Chebunyo, Kenya

92彩票网平台And we leave you with this picture of turquoise sea and green palm trees, taken by Elijah Gachamba in São Tomé and Príncipe: