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Soldier's grandson returning items looted from Nigeria

The objects were stolen during a British expedition in the late 19th century
The grandson of a British soldier who took part in the looting of Benin City in the late 19th century is returning the items his grandfather took back to Nigeria. Thousands of items were taken during a British military expedition in the late 19th century. Mark Walker's grandfather was in his twenties when he brought the artefacts back on his return to the UK and they've remained in his family ever since. But now Mr Walker says they must be returned to their rightful owners. He spoke to BBC Newsday. 

(Photo: Mark Walker handling two paddles to be returned to Benin City, Nigeria. Credit: Pitts Rivers Museum, Oxford University)

Platypus population drastically declining in Australia

Scientists say they're concerned over the future of the animal
A new study suggests that the duck billed platypus is severely endangered. Scientists say the damage caused by years of dwindling waterways and land clearing, combined with high temperatures and bush fires have worsened its prospects. Doctor Gilad Bino, a research fellow at the University of New South Wales and lead author of the study, has told BBC Newsday what should be done to protect the platypus population.

(Photo: This picture made available by the University of New South Wales shows platypus being surveyed by researchers. Credit: EPA/UNSW)