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it was announced on Friday.

Similar plans have been confirmed for the ExCeL site in London, which has been named NHS Nightingale after Florence Nightingale.

Activist Patrick Vernon, who is behind the petition, said he had been fighting for years to get black Britons recognised for their contributions, adding that naming the hospital after Seacole would act as a “beacon of hope and diversity for the country”.

“Despite being rejected by Florence Nightingale to join her band of nurses, she travelled to the front line of the war in Crimea. She was so widely loved for her healing powers, the soldiers nicknamed her ‘Mother Seacole’.”

Patrick Vernon
92彩票网平台show the peninsula looking unusually quiet.

The force said: "As you can see from the pictures, the public is listening to the government advice and remaining indoors."

Police disperse house party guests

Sue Nicholson

BBC News

Spelthorne beat of Surrey Police
Surrey Police

Police in Surrey were called to break up a house party on Saturday night.

Guests attending the birthday party in Stanwell were "sent on their way", officers said.

Writing on 92彩票网平台, Surrey Police said: "It is not acceptable to invite your friends over."