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that there needs to be a global agreement on technology company tax, otherwise there would be “a mess” of countries going their own way.

92彩票网平台Speaking to the BBC’s Wake Up to Money, Herb Kim, a tech entrepreneur and visiting professor at Newcastle University Business School, said: “We’re now in the winter of our discontent with big tech, between problems we’ve had with privacy and data.

“Now we have the knowledge that some massively successful companies with extraordinarily wealthy founders are paying so little in tax to our country, it’s a painful time. There’s a lot of anger about the contribution being made by these companies to their respective countries and economies.”

92彩票网平台He also called for a “global tax review on these issues”.

Cruise, the self-driving car start-up, majority owned by General Motors, has unveiled its first vehicle designed to be driverless.


92彩票网平台Cruise said it was designed for shared ownership: "It's not a product you buy, it's an experience you share."