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Mental health tip: 'Combine peak performance with moments of rest'
"It's important to combine peak performance with moments of rest," says Lloyds Bank chief executive

Making it work for female African entrepreneurs

Improving networks and access to finance could boost women-led business
The African continent has the highest concentration of female entrepreneurs in the world. But African women face more obstacles in their path to business success than men. So what can be done to unleash the potential of the continent's female entrepreneurs? Marie Keyworth went to the UK African investment summit to find out.
(Image: Aisha Raheem/ Farmz2U. Credit: Royal Academy of Engineers)
Daniel Gray has Body dysmorphic disorder. It means he worries about his appearance.
War Paint For Men founder Daniel Gray is on a mission to make men feel comfortable in their skin.

How to manage your money

Expert advice on how to make the most of your money in 2020.
It’s a new year and the start of a fresh chapter. It is also the time we make resolutions to bring changes into our lives. 

So what’s on your list? Are you thinking about buying that dream car or home, but don’t have enough funds? Or are you looking at quitting your job to be your own boss, but aren’t sure how to start and what to do?

#WorklifeIndia speaks to experts to ask the million-dollar question: how should we manage our money?

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Satyen Kothari, founder and CEO, Cube wealth app; Chinu Kala, founder, Rubans Accessories; Shaurya Bajaj, equity investor
Isle of Wight couple aim to reduce impact of tourism with a tuk-tuk
The young entrepreneurs dream of creating jobs and helping the environment by running a fleet of tuk-tuks.